What is babywearing?

What is babywearing?

I think babywearing is a mind-set.

You need to get ready to wear your baby. You need to get ready physically but most importantly you need to get ready emotionally.

How can you get ready physically?

This is the easy part. Get some exercise. I’m not saying you have to go to the gym and work out every single day for 4 hours, but prepare your body to carry 3-15 kg. The good news is that you get used to it while you are pregnant. The even better news is you can put her/him down once she/he is out already what you couldn’t do while she/he was inside. So carrying your baby on you is easier than to be 40 weeks pregnant 24/7 even if your baby is 9 months old and 10kg.

All you need to do is to walk as much as you can during your pregnancy and do yoga which will help to build some muscle next to your spine and on your arm.

How can you get ready emotionally?

  1. Get rid of your fear of raising a child.
    Stop thinking about what you are not able to do/give and start doing/giving what you can do/give for/to your baby! Keep it in your mind that in the first 2-3 years she/he doesn’t need anything else but you and your partner. Your caring love and constant presence is the only things she/he needs essentially, nothing else.
  2. Start to listen to your basic instinct.
    Start to do what you feel is right for your baby and for your family instead of listening to those advices everybody more than happy to give you. If you feel it is right to sleep next to your baby, do it. If you feel it is right to carry your baby on you whole day, do it. If you feel breastfeeding your baby up until she/he is 3 years old, do it! Do not hesitate! Start to do it now!
  3. Start thinking about how nature works.
    Most of the animals carry their babies on them until baby is ready to go on its own. If you listen to your basic instinct you will feel wearing your baby is natural. More natural than put her/him into a big cot what stands in the middle of the nicely designed nursery room [which is far enough from your room so you can’t hear her/his crying] and you spent hell of a lot of money and effort on it so it would look nice on the pictures. I think leave your newborn baby alone separated from you in the nursery room is something similar to leave you alone in the middle of nowhere without any connection to anyone who speaks your language. Imagine this and add to it that your baby is not even able to speak yet.
  4. Get rid of your fear of spoiling your child.
    If you think you’ll spoil your baby by wearing her/him on you, you are just not ready jet. You can never spoil a child with love, hugs, strokes, and kisses. You only can spoil a baby if you want to compensate her with expensive toys and accessories for those moments when you didn’t show your love to her / you didn’t pick her up when she cried / you didn’t kiss her when she wanted to be kissed / you couldn’t be there when she needed you.

And what babywearing is not?

I think it is not a trend at all. It is the most natural thing ever!

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