The Benefits of Babywearing

The Benefits of Babywearing

Social conditioning has led parents to believe that if a baby is held or carried frequently they will be spoiled, clingy or demanding
Modern research and ancient tradition reveals the opposite!

Babies worn in slings are less clingy and tend to initiate separation much earlier than babies less frequently held. The close proximity of the baby enables parents to respond to ‘non-crying’ signals, which results in less frustration and stress so much less crying – 40 to 50% less compared to unworn babies!

Babywearing calms the fussiest of babies whether due to a higher-needs personality, aiding good digestion by easing the symptoms of colic and reflux, and promoting better and deeper sleep.

Babywearing promotes an intimate connection between parent and baby.

Babywearing allows parents the freedom to go about their normal daily routine while allowing their child to be at the center of activity instead of the center of attention, providing the physical and psychological benefits of a sense of security, emotional contentment, and the building of a solid sense of self-esteem.

Babywearing is an amazing tool to give all the support to your baby’s optimal MEPS development and it has several benefits for mothers as well.

What is MEPS?

It is the acronym of Mental – Emotional – Physical – Social Development.
(more details coming soon on this)

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Babywearing – The Benefits and the Beauty of this Ancient Tradition
by Maria Blois, M.D.; Hale Publishing L.P. 1712 N Forest St. Amarillo, TX 79106-7017

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